Press Release

Topher Brewer Joins ABR

May 26, 2021 | Baltimore, MD — Alex. Brown Realty (ABR) is pleased to announce that Topher Brewer will be joining the firm as Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Brewer’s primary responsibilities include strategic communications, marketing, and fundraising.

Prior to joining ABR, Mr. Brewer was a Director at Sands Capital Management and Partner at Brown Advisory. Mr. Brewer received a B.A. from Washington College. He has been in the investment management business for 18 years.

“We are very pleased that Topher will be joining the ABR Team,” commented Tom Burton, ABR’s Senior Managing Director and CIO. “We believe his vast marketing and fundraising experience will prove instrumental to our current and future fundraising efforts.”

Alex. Brown Realty (ABR) is a privately-owned real estate investment manager organized in 1972 and headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. ABR co-invests with clients and joint venture partners in mid-sized properties located throughout the United States. The firm is an SEC-registered investment advisor.

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