Our Team

We’re a Close-Knit Group of Creative, Cycle-Tested, Hard-Working Professionals

Six Real Estate Cycles

Our decisions are guided by decades of experience and the drive to consistently deliver strong returns to our investors.

Experience and Collaboration

Our seasoned professionals operate as one team in an inclusive and collaborative environment.

Continuity and Expertise

The core of our team has been together for decades with more than 94% retention.

Executive Officers

Thomas R. Burton
Senior Managing Director and CIO
Edward P. Nordberg, Jr.
Senior Managing Director
Lawrence “Lee” Collins
Managing Director – Asset Management
David E. Wolfe
Managing Director, General Counsel and CCO
Daniel J. Blake
Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer

Team Members

Debo Ayeni
Director – Research and Data Analytics
Philip C. Benvenuto
Director – Acquisitions
Joe M. Biddle
Director – Information Technology
Topher Brewer
Senior Advisor
John E. Byrnes
Director – Asset Management
Eric M. Campbell
Director – Business and Financial Analysis
Pamela C. Bowles
Office Manager
Amy G. Finney
Director — Creative and Communications
Peter C. Heller
Director – Acquisitions
Matthew R. Johnson
Director – Asset Management
Jake C. Martin
Director – Acquisitions
Patricia G. Michel
Director — Investor Relations
Lynn Millington
Director – Investment Management
Michael P. Murphy
Head of Capital Markets
Kevin T. Nguyen
Mike R. O’Neil
Analyst – Acquisitions
Stacie M. O’Toole
Vincent L. Prunier
Director – Asset Management
Jennifer Y. Rulf
Assistant Treasurer
Joann D. Savage
IT Specialist
Maree H. Tucker
Deputy General Counsel
Constance E. Warner
Michelle Childers
Human Resources
Annie Villamater
Capital Formation and Investor Relations Associate
Ryan Willey
Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting

Board of Directors

Marc G. Bunting
Board of Directors
Thomas R. Burton
Board of Directors
Jack S. Griswold
Board of Directors
R. Dixon H. Harvey, Jr.
Board of Directors
Edward P. Nordberg, Jr.
Board of Directors
Noel Strauss
Board of Directors
Kent Weldon
Board of Directors